Founded in 2020, Dar Al Tmayez Tourism is the leading Travel & Tourism Company located in Dubai, UAE. We offer an extensive variety of services including Flight Tickets, Dubai Visit Visa (30/60 days and A2A Visa Change), Luxury Yacht Rental, Weekly Yacht Party/Event, Desert Safari, Holiday Homes Rental, Horse Riding and Citizenship & Immigration Services.

Dar Al Tmayez Tours is perfectly placed to offer a huge range of benefits to travellers from all across the world. Unlock a quality travel experience that elevates your holidays to the next level. We are here to provide our guests with a one-of-a-kind travelling experience that they will cherish forever. We bring the same level of expertise to our services as natives do and provide you with the experiences that you’re looking for. Get insights into what services you will need and allow us to bring new considerations to your attention. Our custom itineraries are created by the best customer service representatives from each holiday region. We craft a powerful value proposition that others find difficult to compete with in our custom itineraries. From pick up to drop off, we strive to give our guests, only VIP treatment. We follow a highly efficient communication system to provide dedicated customer care support. We are here to make your next travel experience a huge success. Connect with us for further information.


We aim to give an experience worth remembering. We provide detailed insights and advice to make a memorable trip for our clients. We strive to treat our clients with royalty and luxury with the best possible deals. Our clients are important to us, thus we maintain proper communication and knowledge of what we are doing, and we are highly result oriented.


As an organization dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences, Dar Al Tmayez Tours is determined to stand out in the market by treating clients like royalty. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction but that doesn’t mean we cannot balance that with budget-friendly plans and flawless time management. We aim to provide a unique experience for our guests through attentive services and result-oriented results.

Our Team

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Mahazabeen Shaikh

Citizenship & Immigration Consultant

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