Take the exquisite Dubai Desert Safari

Headed to Dubai? It would be ironic to advise you to reserve a desert safari in Dubai given that this is, without a doubt, the most fascinating activity listed at the top of a Dubai itinerary. Hop on exciting camel rides in the morning and enjoy the charm of dune bashing. Explore the Dubai desert like never before. Take on camel riding in Dubai and experience some of the most important highlighting beauty of Dubai.

Discover the old-world charm of Dubai from a completely new lens with Dar Al Tmayez Tours

Who doesn’t like the expansive golden archetypes spread across the rolling dunes that seem like they are calling your name? Melt into the scenic landscape of Dubai’s sand dunes and its gazing beauty that shines from afar. Enjoy a trip of a lifetime and memories to rejoice for years to come. Book the best desert safari to Dubai with us and get to experience the thrill of this off-road adventure that will inject your soul with some magical memories to recall for your lifetime.

Serenity is the new luxury

Dar Al Tmayez Tours go by the motto of fuelling our customer’s travelling experience with the sweetness, rawness and eclectic beauty of Dubai. At the same time, we also guarantee that you enjoy a luxury desert safari in Dubai that is full of opulent facilities. Therefore, get to enjoy a Dubai safari tour in its most authentic and charming form. Take with you, a different whole new experience that will make your eyes sparkle with joy and your heart flutter with thunder. Book a Dubai Desert Safari with us and avail the best deal.

Explore the desert landscape like never before

Our tour operators are professionals with years of experience in the hospitality sector, who makes sure that everything is being taken care of, in the most important order. From jeep drives to camel riding to belly dancing and fire show, we have incorporated numerous entertainment activities that will make you ooze with excitement and joy.

We ensure that you experience the magnanimity of royalty that the Emirate is famous for. Savour a delicious barbeque meal in the peaceful desert atmosphere. Immerse yourself beneath the desert sky and inject the vastness and glory that the desert signifies. We are so confident in our desert safari trip that you will be compelled to share your enticing Desert Safari experience with your friends and make them envious of what they are missing.